Hi, my name is Dominika

I am the owner, main photographer and basically eveything else (except model) of the Vintage Mood Shop.

I am old fashioned and once I owned a cotton bag that said: "Old movies, jazz & baking" which describes me very well, I love autumn and rainy days and reading books at the coffee shops. I am interested in circular economy in a way that could be fun and interesting - it is so easy to contribute this way and buying vintage, second hand and upcycled clothes.

I always loved thrifting, at first in my grandma's closet and later on my own. In primary school my schoolmates made fun of me because I wore my grandma's sandals and I honestly didn't understand why - I thought they looked great. But at the time wearing vintage or second-hand clothes was for poor people. Thank god that is changing! 

I always had a way to find great and interesting things mostly because I didn't mind spending time there and look at each and every item. I think that's the secret of finding great stuff. I can spend hours and hours thrifting.

With a few exceptions, I stopped shopping fast fashion. It is not only boring to me but also I hate low quality and bad patterns of the clothes that are made just for the season, let alone their huge negative environmental impact.

I just cannot agree with the whole concept. Ecological brand are somewhat better but I personally believe that we can wear what already exists and create from material that are already made instead of constant creation of new stuff.

And have much more fun with it :)

But my whole life is not about vintage fashion, I am also interested in Ayurvedic cooking (been writing a blog about it some time ago) and currently study to be yoga teacher. 

I organize December 2019 Festival or circular economy in Brno and have couple of other sustainable projects in mind that I continuously working on but cannot talk about yet.

Let's chat if you are interested in things like this or want to participate on anything (I  have too many ideas and too little time so I always appreciate help, and don't worry about location, I think globally :) )