Yach Club Shorts Set started with the beautiful textured bright yellow fabric that I thrifted and according to seller it used to be a vintage curtain of her grandmother.

However it was very good, natural material with very soft feel so I had an idea in mind. I was trying to think what kind of clothes would be great from that and I realised that shorts would be perfect. I add leftover unused vintage black fabric from my grandma's closet and add it to the collection because I thought it would look great from that too.

But I didn't want just shorts so I started with the moodboard and was really drawn to 80s style cullotes and 60s beach sets so eventually it came to shorts and bra, which I wanted to be worn in 2 ways. 

Discussed it with my local seamstress that is now retired so she has a lot of time for my ideas and plenty of sewing experience.

This collection is sold as SAMPLE SALE for much cheaper that would be normally sold. It is because the pattern is not perfected and while shorts fits great bra is a little tricky, especially the black one.

Definitely need some boobs and maybe even double tape to keep it in place. The yellow bra fits quite well but you need at least B or C cup for that though otherwise it will be too big (as was for our model).