The Siciliana, vol.2 was clear to happen because I got so many questions regarding the sizes.

Unfortunately, original Siciliana (see here) was made of vintage aprons, tea towels, tablecloth and linen and as each piece was an original we could only manage to sew the sizes according to the amount of material.

But since releasing the original Siciliana I have been looking and searching for more material for the new collection in bigger sizes.

Funny story how I got the biggest amount of most beatiful vintage linens:

I got new vintage sofa (my friend had it in the attic and wanted to get rid of it, so I took it) and needed to get rid of my old sofa, that was really pretty I just didn't like it any more and didn't have space for that either.

So that weekend I was meeting some friends and one of them just moved to the new appartment and didn't have any furniture. So I said I have a sofa that is available, and showed her a picture - she was really excited and came to pick it up the next day.

We were chatting a bit and I was telling her about my collections and she said that her mom has huge box of vintage linen that are mostly unused and she wanted to throw it away, so the next day she brought me the box and I couldnt believe how beautiful and quality those linenes are :)

So these linens will be the base for The Siciliana, vol.2 collection

All of them are

  • high quality
  • breathable
  • cooling cotton
  • really a heaven to wear :)